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Damilano – Nebbiolo d’Alba – 2007 – Barolo

I savored this hot Nebbiolo with a pork loin sauteed in olive oil with caramelized onions and wilted spinach.  The pork was medium-well done and seasoned with black pepper and a hint of white vinegar.  I started drinking about five minutes after opening it.  It was  dark, ruby red with a little purple around the rim.  The nose was hot, but presented dusty road, and baby diaper (only slightly soiled), and TONS of pepper.  Black pepper, a little purple, and some white.  All-in-all it seemed pretty promising. It is medium bodied and extremely dry, with a finish lasting a full thirty seconds.

While cooking the pork, I was tasting the wine with smoked gouda and jalapeño focaccia bread.  The gouda cleared my pallet after every tasting, and the focaccia enhanced the flavor.

I really like the Nebbiolo grape, and this was a fairly decent wine.  At $13.99, I would recommend it highly for a dinner similar to mine, or as a wine to enjoy after you’ve already had a few drinks.

Pros: dry, medium-bodied, dark, spicy flavor, long finish

Cons: hot, hot, hot

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