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Yalumba 2010

It’s been a while, but I’m going to pick up where I left off: Viognier. It’s turning into fall here but we’ve still got some 65 degree days, and I thought I’d hit up the local market (now in Grand Rapids) for couple dozen bottles to kick off a new season. The first one I want to talk about is the Yalumba 2010 Viognier. This puppy is from the south of Australia, but it’s got a kick from the far east. The nose is green… very green. Which I’ve come to expect from Viognier. First smell is sawgrass and bitter green apples. They talk about apricots on the product description page, but I didn’t pull that on the first taste as much as I did the hint of wasabi. Not the smoking, nasally-decimating wasabi you get on your sushi, but the first taste, the front of your tongue when you set the sushi down in your mouth–before it rockets through your throat into your nose. It settled into the bitter flavor I’d associate with the few Viogniers that I’ve had. Chilling the wine to cellar temperature dulls the taste too much, and I think this is best consumed at about 65-68 degrees. I feel like the flaws and young, green content of this wine are its best qualities. I consider it value at around $13 per bottle, and I’d rate it an 87.